Life After Beau

These are just a few things I've written. In this emotionally chaotic time, it helps to organize my thoughts.
Thank you for sharing this life with me.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rudy Tootie

Our beloved dog, Rudy, made her earthly departure this week.  It was time, we have been expecting it for a while now, but we are still sad because we'll miss her.  Sam got Rudy about 14 years ago, when he was in college.  She was such a good girl.  The week that Beau died, Rudy had a small stroke (we think) and was walking sideways for a while, falling down, and not eating.  We thought it would be her "time" back in March when death seemed to overwhelm us with its presence.  But then shortly thereafter, she bounced back in a huge way.  Rudy was able to enjoy the summer with us, enjoy the new house, her new yard, and her patch of sunshine on the floor.  She went for walks in her new neighborhood, and visited a lovely new park.  But, this past week, she decided it was time to go chase the squirrels in the sky.  We love Rudy dearly, and are grateful for what seemed like "extra" time with her over this painful summer.  We needed her.  Rest in peace, Rudy, you're a good girl.


  1. Oh how sweet to see Rudy's picture! Especially since you and I just got to talk about her...and the amazing story of how she bounced back the week Beau had died.

    Yes, she knew that you and Sam needed her! Animals are sooo amazing! I truly believe they are our 4 legged children for sure...and can bring so much love, laughter & comfort into our lives!

    Thinking of you and Sam during this sad time. I hope Rudy is having fun chasing those squirrels in the sky...what an awesome vision! :)

    Love Lori

  2. Minnow- So sorry to hear that Rudy's no longer with you but at the same time really happy to see that she's "free". I'm so glad I got to visit with her one last time before she passed. I remember that day a while back in Colorado when we were all out cutting wood for the winter and Rudy got rolled by a giant log. We were all so worried abour her but everything turned out just fine. Memories... Anyway, so glad to see you guys last month and hope all is well. Love you Rudy!!!!!


  3. Minski,
    I am so sorry to hear about Rudy. She knew you and Sam needed her to hold on for a while,and I think she felt like it was ok now for her to go. She looks so happy in the pictures and I'm glad she was able to move with you to the new house and enjoy the yard and park. I miss you and love you. Butta